Many of you may have already tried a network marketing company can failed or gave up. I want everyone to know that it’s not too late to succeed. It applies to all network marketers and their opportunities. I’m going to go over why network marketers fail. Hopefully, this article will help some network marketers find the path to success.

A lot of Internet marketers will say; “All you have to do is join my opportunity, you will make money. ” Unfortunately that is not the case. Nobody can make money by just joining an opportunity in this industry. However, some people fall for that line. Then when they don’t make any money; they call the opportunity a “scam”. Then it makes it harder that person to believe in all network-marketing opportunities, and in themselves.

The opportunity itself is not a scam. The scam is the person pitching the opportunity, isn’t telling their prospects everything about what the opportunity entails before they join.

Why Do Network Marketers Lie?

Why someone would want to tarnish his or her reputation in this industry is beyond me. But I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of people just don’t care. With their being a 95% failure rate in this industry; a lot of marketers get desperate. They figure that if the pitch works (even though it’s misleading), it’s OK to use. The majority of them are just trying to line their pockets quick. They are not concerned with the lives of others; and how they may ruin another person’s impression of the industry. It’s sad, but it’s a fact.

Another truth is, leaders develop leaders and failures develop failures. A lot of network marketers have no idea what they are doing. They know the opportunity is valuable. But may have no idea how to convey that message to others. This is due to either lack of following directions on the marketer’s part; or a lack of leadership on their sponsor’s part.

You Want to Know How To Pick A Sponsor?

Now you know, it’s not always the business opportunity that’s a scam. A lot of times; the scam is the person trying to sell you a dream by promising an unrealistic income in a short period of time. “Make a trillion dollars in less than 48 hours!” Next time you come across that type of person, RUN as fast as your legs can go!

The sponsor you will want to join will have current training materials on deck. If you don’t study your craft and work at it; you won’t succeed. I’m telling you the truth because I wish someone had told me the truth when I first started. It would have saved me months of frustration. There’s actually a blueprint that works if you follow it.

What are Characteristics of a Great Team Leader?

• Great sponsors are leaders that provide their team with the training they need.

• The top earners build a support system of a team. They also keep business partners encouraged.

• Top leaders keep their business partners up to date on what they need to do to be successful. This changes frequently due to technology and people continuously evolving.

• They should be easily accessible. They should be able to respond quickly and be happy to help.

• Top earners live, eat, and BREATHE helping people. I make it a point to give everyone on my team the help they need. If I my team don’t eat, I don’t eat either. We are in this together. The network built, directly reflects the net-worth of the team.

Would You Join Yourself?

The great part about this industry is that you can pick and choose the opportunity and whom you want to join. If you have a great product, or service, and you network with open-minded people like you, that can relate to you, most likely they will join you. Believing in yourself, and taking action consistently, will eventually lead to your business being successful. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what color you are, or what you look like. YOU CAN DO IT.