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  • Puppies For Adoption

    Puppies For Adoption

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    Oscar Tara – She came into my life for a reason

    Saw her wondering at the Bukit Jalil park. She was lonely, scared, under nourished and her eyes said it all, I need love and home. She was certainly not a stray dog as she had a collar. Not sure what’s her story in the past, i share with you what I know of her today as Oscar Tara is part of my life.

    After much help from many other people at the park we finally managed to convinced her to get into our car. Our intention is to get her a permanent home or return her to her owner, only later to find out she is our permanent resident……. Simply because she is well mannered, quick leaner & listener, a good protector, a charmer and shares her love. All this just in 5 weeks. She knows her routine well – walking , brushing teeth , towel bath for weekdays, nap time etc

    Oscar got us worried when her behavior started to change – she slept more, she refused to greet anymore. Her body also took a slight re-shape. John said she is becoming healthier…. But from being a hyper, busy body person she became the toned down lady within 3 days. We rushed her to the vet thinking she is ill ……. Well well the news is Oscar Tara is pregnant and due anytime.

    Bam! Bam! What do I do now? I have never mothered such a situation. Mixed emotion I was. Mind was only thinking what would be the best for Oscar …… I just don’t know what to do and it was already late evening. I just wished I had cared for her more if I knew she was pregnant . Sadness did hit me for being ignorant!

    What’s Next?

    Rushed back home, got her bedding & dinner ready and this time with more soft towels around her. By 4:30 am @ April 10, 2015 she littered all 4 ( 3 girls and 1 boy) healthy adorable puppies. John was with her throughout her labor and ensuring all was going well with prayers for the new born.

    The puppies today are 3 weeks and 3 days old. We are looking for someone to adopt them to share their home and love. We have no Information of who is the father of the puppies, the mum is a cross breed between a Doberman and unknown breed. We have 2 more female puppies that requires a home. The female black and the male brown will be going to their new homes in 3-4 weeks time.



    PS – they are lovely, adorable & innocent. They need a home of love and they too will share abundance of love. Oscar is full of love, Hughes and kisses and I know she has come into my life today to share our love & life together.

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