Lights, Camera & Action

A long time ago, I use to wonder what would it be like to be in an advertisement or acting in the movies.
I asked people around  I knew,  and some gave positive comments and others just the opposite.

So I took it up as a personal challenge to try to get a part or a role in an advertisement or movie….. This is what I did!

I looked around for an agent (Talent Agency – That’s the fastest way). I found one and quickly did my video profile and shot some photos.

Then it’s just the waiting game… to see if someone was interested to cast me.

I waited for 3 months, still no news yet. I then found out there are other agencies that are the ” ol dogs” in the industry and they were more connected with larger network of directors and studios. So I signed up with them. Guess what… Jackpot.

I was getting lots of casting roles and some advertisement after that. Did a couple of dramas too, during that time.

Nothing Hollywood, but just wanted to challenge myself that it’s possible to do anything, when you have the desire for it.

Here’s just 1 of ads I managed to find.

I was in the media and acting role for a year, just for the experience. 🙂

At the Astro Broadcasting Center.
Coming out from one of the green room studio.

Now working with the best team in the industry.
Coming together to help realized each persons Dreams.
We started this successful journey since 2011.

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