How To Prospect Your Network Marketing Business On The Internet

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Are you thinking of promoting your network marketing business on the internet? If you are, then good for you. Why I say that is because the old school method of finding leads by tapping on your warm market rarely works for the average network marketer today. You can find plenty of targeted leads on the internet who are looking to join your business.

Why tapping your warm market rarely works? Seriously, how many people do you know that are interested in your network marketing business? In two weeks you will run out of people to prospect. You will become an annoyance every time they see you and don’t be surprised if people in your warm market try to avoid you the next time they see you. This happens to lots of network marketers.

Network marketing is all about network and leveraging. In this case you network by leveraging on the technology of the internet. You can find more people on social networking sites than you do at the local supermarket. People have met on the internet and got married, which proves that socializing on the web really works.

Do not be believe anyone of they tell you that internet marketing has no personal touch. There are many ways of promoting your network marketing business on the internet. One of the proven ways is by setting up a lead capture page with great copywriting.

The lead capture page must have an opt-in for a prospect to leave behind his name and email address. Once he does that, he is brought to your sales page where more great copy writing and a greater detail of what your network marketing business is all about is explained. On this page, your prospect can either call you to find out more about your business or straight away sign-up in your business.

The wonderful thing about the lead capture page is exactly what it describes – “lead capture’. Even if your prospect does nothing on your sales page, you still have his email address where you can continue with your follow-up marketing. On average, a prospect signs up after reading 7 follow-up emails. This is what a survey on online marketing found. They will need to be convinced before they commit themselves. And to convince them you will need an auto-responder system to do the job for you. For a low subscription per month, the auto-responder system automates your marketing campaign and works for you 24/7.

How then do you promote your lead capture page? Isn’t that the next logical question? Well, there are plenty of ways to do it. You can set up a blog using niche keywords relevant to your business so that you can be indexed by the search engines and rank high for those keywords where people find you.

You can also socialize on Facebook and Twitter by setting up your profile correctly with your blog as the URL. You can use your URL on your email signature. Another place to promote your lead capture page is to post comments on forums related to your business which is extremely powerful.

Be creative and brain-storm for ideas where you can promote your internet marketing business on the internet. The greatest network marketers who leveraged on internet marketing have made millions of dollars in relatively a short period of time and that is proof enough that the system works. You should not ignore the power of internet marketing if you want to succeed in your network marketing business.



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