How to Build Your Downline

And Turn It Into a Duplication Machine

There Ain’t No Free Lunch

First, stop buying into the junk you see on the internet, with big promises. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t a few miracle success stories, because there are. But I’m talking to all of you “normal” people out there! Listen, you can’t build your downline in a week or a month. You can’t build a downline by doing nothing. Most network marketers can’t build a downline using traditional methods. It just doesn’t work!

What I Mean By “How to Build Your Downline”

Most ads that promise to show you how to build your downline are based on recruiting. Certainly, recruiting or sponsoring is the first step. But that’s just signing people up. If those people don’t multiply, what good is it, really?

You will not make real money in network marketing unless you really know how to BUILD your downline, that is, sponsoring the right quantity and QUALITY of distributors, training, coaching and developing their skills, and showing them how to duplicate the process to build their downlines.

Once you figure out how to do all three, your downline will have its own life, not just dependent on you being a super-recruiter (which doesn’t even work anyway)!

Who To Sponsor

I’ll be honest. Most new network marketers would sign up anyone with a pulse. But that does not make for a duplicating downline. To truly build a downline, you need current or future MLM pros. People who share your goal of building a strong MLM business and are willing to work for it. So, targeting your marketing is vital.

Certainly, you’ll need some quantity when it comes to your sponsoring. But it isn’t about mass quantity if they aren’t going to duplicate. I’d rather have 5 great team members than 100 that never do anything.

Developing Your Downline Into Duplication

Don’t be like every other sponsor in the business, spewing out the same old training methods. Usually, sponsors don’t really know how to build your downline. They only can repeat what they’ve heard. We have this weird, irrational habit in MLM of listening to your sponsor, even if they just joined right before you did!

If you cannot teach your downline exactly what to do and coach them along as they do it, forget it. Learn how to use duplicable MLM systems and insist that your team use the same one. By all of you doing the same thing, tremendous support and synergy develops, and your downline can multiply.

The 100 Day Challenge

Commit yourself. I mean REALLY COMMIT yourself to jump start your business for 100 days with psycho-level effort. Then reevaluate. But do not quit! You cannot judge whether something is working unless you implement it, refine it, study it and are consistent.

1. Get an MLM System. Learn it. Use it. It will have training to teach you ALL the following steps!

2. Pick one strategy. I recommend you start with the fastest, easiest methods, such as social media marketing. Learn it, Do it until you start receiving daily leads. Make it part of your daily routine from today forward.

3. Build a blog. Takes some effort, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. It can be plain and boring. It doesn’t matter. Start writing daily posts.

4. Learn some basic backlinking techniques, social sharing and article marketing.

It will probably start slow, but this is how to build your downline. Most importantly, regardless of your experience level, don’t do all this alone. Get a mentor. Just like your downline needs you, YOU need a mentor to help you.