Just about everyday I hear people say that the reason they aren’t going to start a home business is that it’s just not a good time. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. They attempt to back up their ignorance by stating that unemployment, foreclosures and the over all economy is doing poorly. Next, they state that they don’t have a few hundred dollars to start a business. That’s just another reason to start a home business. Yes! Lack of money is a reason to start a home business.

When is it a good time to stop smoking, stop over eating, or end a relationship that is to your detriment? Never? When is it a good time to stop a bad habit? Never? We know that never is not the best answer. However, some people actually choose never.

When is it a good time to start exercising, eat healthy, treat others well or start a new relationship? Never? When is the best time to start a home business? Never? Well, some people do choose never and it’s truly sad. It’s sad because so many wonderful things are waiting for them. They just need to take the first steps.

There is never good time to start or stop anything. The reason people don’t choose a time is that they don’t have too. The best answer is now! Now is the best time to start good things and stop bad. Why is now the best time? The reason is simple. You’re not promised tomorrow. You have now and that’s it. There is no tomorrow.

More than 400,000 people are joining a business opportunity each month. There are no valid reasons to wait to build a business of your own. Begin to design your future today. What will it look like? Where is the home you live in and what does it look like. What type of car do you drive. How much money will you make? Think big! It’s free!

Therefore, now is the best time to start all good things and stop all bad. Now is the best time to start a home business and plan for your future because the future is where you’re going to spend the rest of your time. Design an amazing future for your self and the people you care about the most. Let the past be a bunch of amazing memories and not a life time of regret. Go! Go! Go!