Do your finances have you stressed out?

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Short Term Proposition…

How do you feel about your financial future right now? Are you stressed? A 2012 survey conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that 80% of Americans feel they could benefit from professional financial advice, and 42% would grade yourselves a C, D, or F when it comes to personal finances.

First, find the root of what is causing the stress or insecurity. Is it not having enough money to retire? Is it not being able to pay your bills on time? Is it the balance in your bank account? Whatever it is, there are solutions. It is almost certain that somebody has been in your exact position and survived, so that’s the good news.

The bad news: it’s time to wake up and do something about it. And it’s probably not going to be easy.
Here are 4 things you can do to relieve financial stress:

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1. Evaluate Your Current Financial Education
Robert Kiyosaki says, “I’m always learning.” His learning never stops. A person’s education could never be complete. Even when it comes to a financial education, there’s always something new—or old for that matter—that you can study to gain a new perspective. Evaluating your current financial education can alleviate your stress because it will help you understand where your educational weaknesses lie.

2. Learn How to Budget
Over half of Americans report that they don’t have a budget at all, and about 20% say they don’t have a good idea of how much they spend on housing, food and entertainment.

Budgeting, or deciding how much money you have for each category of your expenses, is one of the best things you can do for your finances. It makes you conscious of your spending. Being consciousness about money is always a good thing.

3. Cut the Doodads
The most important thing is that your spending is intentional and responsible, rather than emotional or out-of-control. The one place that this happens is when you see your money going towards doodads—things that don’t put money in your pocket.

While you shouldn’t live a life of scarcity, it’s important to be smart about your purchases. Avoid making large purchases when you’re stressed or emotional about money. Try the “wait 48 hours” rule: this will help with impulse buys and give you time to evaluate if the purchase is really worth it.

4. Improve Your Financial Education
If you want to be infinitely rich, invest your time and effort in a financial education and discover what you need to do to increase your cash flow. Increasing your cash flow solves almost every money problem there is.


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