I once heard that if you take the income of your five closest friends, those with whom you spend most of your time, your income will be within 10% of the average.

Read the subject line of this email one more time and really think about who you spend most of your time with. Are they physically fit or are they couch potatoes? Are they successful or just scraping by? Do they drink too much? Are they positive minded, or do they complain and moan a lot?

Now, go look in a mirror – that’s you! Like it or not, you are the average of all of them and they will either keep moving you upwards or continue holding you back.

If you find this statement disturbing (I did the first time I heard it), it’s probably time to go out and find some new friends and business associates to hang out with.

You’re not alone. Most success-oriented entrepreneurs have this exact same problem. No one ‘gets’ us. What we do, how we do it, and how much money we make is a foreign concept to most people that have a steady job. We can’t participate in ‘normal’ conversations about work. We can’t share our huge successes with most people because they’ll only resent it.

In 2012 I’m investing a substantial amount of money and time to actively participate in three mastermind groups; in a sense, I’m “buying” better friends to hang out with. And they’re not better in the sense of being superior to others, but in their thinking. Why do I do it? Because that’s where the most successful people are hanging out. And my thinking is only to get better if I’m around people like that.

And notice I didn’t say “spending” money and time. I can attribute my business success to the investment I’m making in being around these people.

All of the mastermind groups I belong to are filled with sharp, savvy, wealthy or on the way to getting wealthy entrepreneurs who speak the same language as I do. We can share in each other’s successes and use them to challenge and motivate each other to reach higher levels. And we can and do encourage each other to get our thinking better.

Don’t have a ton of money lying around to network with the big dogs this year? No problem. For a couple hundred bucks you can get started by joining a local networking group like the Glazer-Kennedy No B.S. Business Advisors, BNI, Rotary, etc. Visit a few of the groups until you find the group that seems to be filled with business owners that are most like who you aspire to be. Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says that it’s always best to be the dumbest person in the room because you have so much more to learn from surrounding yourself with smart, savvy people. Challenge yourself to find the highest level group that you can afford to join.

And if you’re currently a part of groups that don’t meet these qualifications, quit. Stop associating with people who aren’t where you want to be. The reality is that you can talk with a person for a minute or so and instantly determine by their words where their thinking is.

Bottom line: who you hang out with matters. You can do all the reading and listening to CD’s you want to, but if you’re associating with those who aren’t where you want to be, you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money reading and listening.

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We build our own business online, and you can too.

We build our own business online, and you can too.