Over the years of building my businesses, I have used so many different tools out there to help me build, grow and scale my businesses. Some of the tools I used were amazing while others were just a complete waste of time.

This page contains all of the best resources that I have collected over the years and is probably your best bet if you want to take your businesses to the next level.


Bluehost: This is what johnpetruse.net is created with so obviously if you want a super sexy site like this one then you can create your first ever blog with this literally within 4 minutes.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money: The Complete Guide to go over if you ever wanted to learn exactly how people are making a living from blogging about almost anything. This is an absolute MUST READ.

Use a WordPress theme that is simple to use and with excellent support. Click below

Drop Shipping:

Looking to sell products online but don’t know what to sell, where to source the products, well come click the button below to signup with a Drop Shipping service to supply you with lots of products to sell on your online store or market place.