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Be Obsessed With Improvement

    Be Obsessed With Improvement Sometimes we have to ask ourselves What's using my life One of the things that we know about life Is that it is always changing Sometimes you're up Sometimes you're down Sometimes things go real well Sometimes they don't...

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You are Unstoppable!

[to_like] There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. You can change your hair, your clothing, your address, your spouse, your residence. But if you don't change your mind the same experience will perpetuate itself over and over again because everything outwardly...

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Why You Need To Build Your Economy

REASON 1 – TIME FREEDOM Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be a trade off between the journey for success and the price you and your loved ones end up paying for it? It’s always been more time pursuing money, less time for everything else. So many of us...

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Why Do So Many Network Marketers Fail?

Many of you may have already tried a network marketing company can failed or gave up. I want everyone to know that it’s not too late to succeed. It applies to all network marketers and their opportunities. I’m going to go over why network marketers fail. Hopefully,...

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Puppies For Adoption

Saw her wondering at the Bukit Jalil park. She was lonely, scared, under nourished and her eyes said it all, I need love and home. She was certainly not a stray dog as she had a collar. Not sure what’s her story in the past, i share with you what I know of her today as Oscar Tara is part of my life.

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Do You Believe It Costs More to Be Poor?

This sounds hard to believe, doesn’t it?

“It Costs More To Be Poor Than It Does To Become Rich.”

Think about it like this…

Look at all your costs on a daily basis and then compare these to how much it costs to become rich. You will see… this is true.

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Lesson 1: The Rich Don’t Work For Money

At age 9, Robert Kiyosaki and his best friend Mike asked Mike's father (Rich Dad) to teach them how to make money. After 3 weeks of dusting cans in one of Rich Dad's convenience stores at 10 cents a week, Kiyosaki was ready to quit. Rich Dad pointed out this is...

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Who Are Your Five Closest Friends?

I once heard that if you take the income of your five closest friends, those with whom you spend most of your time, your income will be within 10% of the average. Read the subject line of this email one more time and really think about who you spend most of your time...

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Ways to Cut Costs of Your Online Business

Although it is desirable to cut the costs of your online business, such reductions need to be performed carefully. Some companies are so intent on cutting their overall online costs that they completely lose sight of their business. If you are excessive when making...

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