Author: John Petruse

How to Build Your Downline and Turn It Into a Duplication Machine

How to Build Your Downline And Turn It Into a Duplication Machine There Ain't No Free Lunch First, stop buying into the junk you see on the internet, with big promises. Now I'm not saying that there aren't a few miracle success stories, because there are. But I'm talking to all of you "normal" people out there! Listen, you can't build your downline in a week or a month. You can't build a downline by doing nothing. Most network marketers can't build a downline using traditional methods. It just doesn't work! What I Mean By "How to Build Your...

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How to Find Your Passion for Your Online Business

Whenever you want to step into a greater version of you-be it starting a business, growing your enterprise, taking a better job, or any type of leap-it often comes with a new found demand for increased courage and faith, and moving through some type of fear. THIS, most often, is the part that gets in your way! Women online are steadily growing as small business entrepreneurs and is the fastest growing category of small business in the world. Why is this happening, you might wonder? Well there could be one simple reason! You can do it from any where...

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